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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Oh, so exciting.

The new Mac is in. Frame Thief is working. Canon's proprietary software is working. The analog to digital converter is working. Horah! Thank the Lord! Things are working. Together, even! This place is looking more like a studio and soon may even be acting like one!

Yes. Exciting.

Here's that crazy shower tension rod light thing holding up lights:

The walls look weird because I opted not to paint them black and instead pinned up black paper.

Friday, October 14, 2005

"Period Adjustment Corner" at The Studio.

Which includes: A framed Ed Wood promotional still, interchangeable monster movie posters (right now showing "Day The Earth Stood Still"), the aforementioned Hot Rod Life magazine poster, "It! The Terror from Beyond Space" postcard (Kienholz!), two Aquabats trading cards (The Bat Commander AND Crash McLarson!) and last but not least a Haunted Mansion postcard. (Thanks Sean and Nich for most of this cool stuff!)

There are also: C47s, emergency spackle, "Shipwreck Red" Wine, the FCP4 box (and manuals), a bunch of helpful animation books, I think my Pixar visitor's badge is on that piece of paper and... Can you spot the Gargon?

Also, in stop motion, ventilation is very important.

That window will be all covered up eventually, but now with a way to get air through!

Thursday, October 13, 2005


The lovely Janet.

Or at least part of her.

Her feet are aluminum because Magic Sculpt, although easy to form, can't handle tie down screws very well.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Emeryville, California: where the best coffee in the world is roasted and shipped to stores and people everywhere! Yes, Peet's coffee is located here and if you ever get a chance to taste their wares, please do. You won't be disappointed. But Emeryville isn't just known for the production of excellent coffees and teas. No! Did you know that right down the street from Peets HQ, there is also an animation company? There is! It's called "Pixar" and boy, can they make some fantastic films! Remember the name: Pixar! I just know someday they'll go far.

In seriousness, I'm a huge sucker for Pixar. They are really the best movie studio in existence right now. And I got to visit the other day! A friend of mine invited me up to see their very cool "public space" which was well worth the visit. They had a ton of Incredibles stuff out: beautiful artwork, sculptures... even the furniture in the lobby had that mid-century long and low look like the movie. Awesome. Kudos to you Pixar! Keep up the excellent work that reminds us why we all want to go to the movies!

Meanwhile, I continue to sand before the next coat...

Monday, October 03, 2005

The fun stuff! Sanding!

My old friend spackle makes another visit to the set. In order to make sure the wall was flat enough to make a suitable green screen, I called in another favor from spackle. He's doing good these days. Works on a lot of small projects, and likes to keep busy. He helped out with the Rambler and the Time Machine. His specialty? Smoooothness.

If this thing works out, it will hold lights above the set without the need of a bunch of c-stands or drilling holes in the walls. I got the idea from a similar type of pole that we used to hang lights on at SF State. Thankfully this one is not spring loaded. (That was a pain!) One needs only to turn the end to tighten it into place.

That thing at the end there is just a little adjustable shower curtain rod bought from the hardware store.


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