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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Well, it's time for one of those entries with just words. Production is coming along very well! Unfortunately, it is all on the Time Machine set at the moment. It's a big set piece with a few climactic "money shots" involved. So, in the interest of keeping something to reveal in the final film, I've opted to keep those shots off the web. So I hope you all enjoy it when it comes out!

In the meantime, I can tell you I'm having a very interesting time using all the lights available to me, plus two soundstage lights, to get the Machine lit up! This thing is huge! That would be four mini-Moles and two 1(?)ks. Plus two diffusion flags, and some other little lighting tricks. There are some "exploding" effects, and to get the lights to go on and off smoothly, I'm using scrims (little metal filters, placed over a mini-Mole light) to ramp the lights up and down.

Also characters are walking more, and over tiled floors. The tiles were a problem my good buddy Jules and I foresaw when we thought about making the set. Because the tie-downs require holes to be drilled in the floor, we were concerned the tiles would "pop" when characters walked over them. But don't worry, Jules, things are out working fine! I just pop off the original tile and replace it with a tile with a hole cut in as the character steps down, and replace the original tile after the character lifts his foot. You've kinda got to match the quality of the tile, but it's working out great.

So thanks everyone for checking in, and I'll try to keep you updated. Hopefully with pictures sometime soon!


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